The Rabbit Hole

How do you take an incredibly difficult subject and create a powerful and effective story that’s not exploitative or sensational? Our long-time hero client, SOS International, approached us with this challenge. For almost 10 years now, we’ve documented the remarkable and comprehensive work by SOS to fight human trafficking, but this year was different.

Unlike our previous documentary films for SOS private events, they needed a narrative short film with actors that could, for the first time ever, be used publicly in a campaign…a film that wouldn’t place at risk their operations or the girls they rescue and rehabilitate.

To be honest, it was an intimidating task. We had never produced a narrative short film. And too much was at stake for SOS and the very real victims they help. Like all our work, this film had to drive incredible results. So, as much as we’d like to have owned every aspect of the creative and production process, we built a team that could kill it. Partnering with Aaron & Winston Tao (aka the tao/s), Story We Produce and an incredible cast, we had the privilege of producing this powerful film.

The results have already been amazing. Shown initially at a private annual event, SOS saw an 18% increase in funds raised…but with a much smaller audience. This lead to a 57% increase in funds donated per person! Now we can’t wait to see what it achieves publicly. While we love to create beautiful and emotive films, it’s our client’s results that drives us!