It might sound like an empty cliche, but…we really love what we do at Jyra Films. Why should that matter to you? Because we’re obsessed with your content producing the results you need. Whether it’s for thirty seconds or feature length, we’re obsessed with crafting a compelling visual story that drives your audience’s emotion so they respond as needed.

Maybe it’s our years producing content for nonprofit organizations where lives are quite literally on the line. Encounters like that leave a lasting impression. And they keep you focused on results. Your brand needs a loyal tribe of customers. Your agency needs its client’s jaw to drop. Your nonprofit needs donors who will help you transform more lives. Whatever your need, we’ll take our love of this craft and our obsession with your results and go all in for you.


We serve up authenticity in every image. If it isn’t real and relatable, your audience will only hear noise. They’re too discerning and tune out what they don’t trust. We didn’t always understand that truth, but then our journey took an unexpected turn in a very dark place in Cambodia.

That’s a story we’d love to share over a cup of coffee sometime, but the bottom line is we suddenly found ourselves producing a lot of brutally authentic, gripping, and true stories. From going undercover in Asia to expose human trafficking, to camping in a remote village in Africa where clean water was barely a dream. It created in us a low tolerance for the fake, so for every brand, agency, or nonprofit we serve, we keep it real because we’ve seen how people respond.


For some, the idea of making a lasting change in the world is just lip service or a tired marketing ploy for a badge of social responsibility. For us, it’s at the core of who we are because we’ve spent years filming in the world’s darkest places and seen real pain like few have. It turned our world upside down and made us who we are. It calls for real sacrifice.

If making real change and transformation resonates with you, we’re gonna do great work together. Not just on your project, but for some of this world’s greatest needs. Because when we partner together with your brand or your agency, it empowers us to serve nonprofits so they can empower real transformation around the world.

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“some of the very best storytellers in the nation…”

“Like any non-profit organization, we at SOS International face the challenge of telling our story in a way that moves the hearer to join our cause. Our potential impact is directly related to the ability of others to grasp our vision and understand how and what part they can play.

Thankfully, we have Jyra Films as a part of our strategy! They are, in my opinion, some of the very best story tellers in the nation today. We have witnessed time and again how our investment with Jyra Films pays for itself many times over. People catch the message and are passionate in their response to help. As a key partner of ours for almost a decade, I highly recommend them….we couldn’t be happier.”

— Dwayne Weehunt
President and Founder, SOS International


A few samples…

“The Rabbit Hole” – Anti-Child Trafficking Film

“A Superhero Revealed” – Mother’s Day Commercial

“Better Together”

“What Binds Us”