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We Help Raise the Funds Your Nonprofit Organization Needs

Increase Donor Acquisition, Awareness and Engagement


You was a story from an organization just like yours that turned us upside down. We were rolling happily along. Bothering no one. To be honest, not much helping anyone either until…until someone bothered us with a series of real stories which hooked us deep, rocked our world, and awoke something new.

We dropped everything.

In fact, we almost dropped it all and moved overseas to the front line.

But then came our aha moment. Our greatest impact is in leveraging our gifts as writers, directors, and cinematographers to grow the work of those already on the front line. 

And so a new mission was born…

Whether the front line of your cause is overseas or in your own backyard, you need more people to join your efforts and more donors to fund your work. 

This is our craft.

We dive deep into the life-altering events and circumstances of those in need and come out with stories which open eyes, break hearts and motivate viewers to jump in with both feet. We are storytellers at heart, but everything we do is built on a foundation of marketing and advertising.

Some of our clients say we "put them on the map.”

They say we gave them needed credibility with their audience...that we know their voice better than they do, and have helped engage hundreds of thousands of people and raised untold millions in support. But the heroes are our clients who are every day working to...

  • drill water wells

  • feed the hungry

  • rescue victims of human trafficking

  • care for orphans

  • educate impoverished children

  • bring medical care to the sick

And the list continues. The truth is, although we've been serving non-profit organizations since 2000, we know we've barely scratched the surface of needs in this world or the resources to meet them. 

So what’s your story?

What need does your organization meet?

What change are you bringing to those you serve?

Let us tell your story to the people who can help you grow and do more. Our process starts with a simple phone call. 

Contact us today. 



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