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Helping Ministries and Non-Profits reach the least of these and speak up for the voiceless

We are a group of writers, directors, cinematographers, and editors with a background in marketing and advertising whose hearts have been broken for the orphaned, poor, and victims of injustice. We believe their stories need to be told. If you are an organization reaching out to them, we are here to help.

Stories are the world’s most prolific art form. They are the substance of water cooler conversations, the nightly news, cinema and everything in between. But where stories are plentiful, well told stories are rare. This is our craft. We dive deep into the life altering events and circumstances of the voiceless and come out with stories which open eyes, break hearts and motivate viewers to jump in with both feet.

If you have an organization reaching out to those in need…thank you. You’re all-in and you have our highest respect, for we know it comes with great challenges. Not the least of which is finding the tools and a platform large enough to capture and hold the eyes and ears of those who can give you that momentum you need. To great frustration, that shout from the rooftops at times just drifts away above an army that need be awakened. 

Today’s audience is diverse and the methods which easily drove response years ago are now often ignored. Tactics that move the needle continue to evolve and vary with demographic range of today’s charity minded audience. We understand this well because we are crafting strategies that continue to produce results. There are those who can shoot pretty images with the latest gear, but unless it’s built on the right strategies, heart and touch as a storyteller, it’s time and money wasted. And we don’t like waste. We instead are particularly ROI driven because that bottom line effectiveness and return is the only way you reach more of those without a voice.

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